A soulful siren and vintage country queen on the rise, Mabilene weaves lush tales of love, heartache, and self-discovery in her Jordan Lehning-produced debut The Other Side. Equally rooted in modern orchestral Americana and retro country-pop.

Surrounded by country and top 40 pop music as a child, Mabilene’s parents’ record collection introduced her to the legends she now cites as influences: Linda Ronstadt, Dolly Parton, and Emmylou Harris. Their songs, along with her father’s love for Springsteen’s Born in the USA and The Beatles’ Rubber Soul, inform the writing and production on The Other Side, as chamber arrangements meet pop sensibilities for a stunningly rich tapestry of sound that exudes a depth and maturity rarely present in a debut album.

Paying tribute to the past while sounding fresh and modern isn’t easy, yet Mabilene and band manage to do so flawlessly, thanks largely to the steady yet innovative hand of Lehning. “With Jordan, there wasn’t a lot of ego present,” she says, describing the recording process as experimental and playful, with Lehning nurturing Mabilene’s ideas and expanding on them with unexpected yet meticulously placed flourishes. “I think that’s why my music sounds like it does,” Mabilene notes, crediting Jordan’s touches, along with her own fondness for the Wrecking Crew who contributed to a multitude of hits in the 60s and 70s.

She’s now booking dates in California and beyond while working on her follow up LP.